Saturday, August 13, 2005

Those welcome Chocolates were delicious - Lois Daley

I awoke after having slept for 12 hours in the cave and even on a hard stone bed the sleep was the most peaceful and sound as I can remember although perhaps one would have to have a special memory to say this.
I touched my left hand as it felt warmer than my right hand,I wondered why ..perhaps it still had the lingering touch of my Grandmother Maria Sophie ...yes that was it I could still feel her tiny hands curled around my short fat fingers.
Beside my bed on the small table was a large leaf all curled up as if it was tied with ribbon but it wasn't ,it had grown that way......I uncurled it and inside were four of the biggest cholcolates I had ever seen......Dark chocolate my favourite ..I said aloud......I was hungry but had never had chocolates for breakfast before.....Damm I thought here goes ....I had left sensibility in the cupboard at home ....One down, a sip of water...lovely.......Two down another sip of water....I was starting to feel a little sickly so I wrapped up my remaining two chocolates in the curled leaf and popped them in my cotton backpack....." For later On as they say"
I sprinkled some of the water on my hankie ,washed my face ,combed my hair ..luckily it has a curl in it and it looked ok.
I walked toward the door after tidying up (In case I was to come back this way, or one of my companions might follow in my tracks and need a restful bed)......I found the doorway I had come through and wandered out into the warm sun ..whatever the time was I did not know ,as I had not brought a watch ,I came back in to write in my diary as to what I had experienced and as I wrote my journey so far. I looked about me wondering what was to be the
next adventure.....and this is where I leave my story for now and will look further as to the orders left for me from the Enchantress .....(She who must be obeyed)


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